Newport Yachting Center Manager's Note

To all our friends,

The 2019 summer is turning out to be spectacular. After the weather turned, just before July, it has been an epic Boating season from that point on.

Things here at the Yachting center are humming along. We are watching our new Hotel, Hammetts Wharf, take shape with a plan to open in the early spring of 2020. Included will be some retail, a large water view deck along with a restaurant and Bar looking over the Marina slips. This should be a great asset for our guests to enjoy.

Luke, Carter, and Leanne have a great team, as always, this season just waiting to help you plan a visit. We hope you are all getting time on the water and that Newport is on you go to list.

The Newport Boat show is on the Horizon but there is still plenty of boating to be had before and after. If August doesn't work, the fall, after the boat show, is an awesome time to visit Newport.

We hope you can make the most out of the rest of the summer, and that includes a trip into Newport. Standing by to help however we can,

Chuck Moffitt
General Manager
Newport Yachting Center Marina

Newport Yachting Center Staff

Newport Yachting Center Staff Waterfront Operations

Luke, Dockmaster   |   Chuck, General Manager   |   Leanne, Office Manager   |   Carter, Dockmaster

The staff at the Newport Yachting Center Marina does a superb job of making sure all our guests feel welcomed. That New England hospitality is felt as soon as a you step into our office and are met with the aroma of freshly baked cookies! Our goal is to maintain that level of hospitality throughout your entire stay. We look forward to seeing you on our docks soon.

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